xgi hanoi


The Vietnam Military History Museum is one of sixnational museums.it was established on Dec,22nd 1959 in thecenter of hanoi city,near V.L Lenin`s statue,some 600 meters from president Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum to the East, in a 10,000square meters area.

A well-known ancient monument on the grounds of the museum is Hanoi flag Tower, classified as a national historic cultural monument on this Tower started in 1805 and was compieted in 1812 with a height of nearly 31 meters and circumstance of 180 meters.

The Vietnam military History Museum offers a lively and attractive history of the Vietnamese people's armed forces under the leadership of Vietnam's Communist Party and of President Ho Chi Minh.

Thousands of exhibits, photographs, scale models...are in the museum. This willgive visitors a good general knowledge of the vietnamese people's armed forces for the cause of peace, independence and freedom.

A visit to the Vietnam Military History Museum will be sure to satisfy all Vietnameseand foreign visitors.

Complete victory-April 30th 1975